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Cutting Equipment

In our industrial department we have a full line of fine Maimin and Eastman cutting equipment available. Here are just a few of the professional grade cutters we offer.

Rotary Shears


With its 3-in-1 cutting guide, recessed sharpener, and built-in lubricator; the high speed electric Minishear works like a pair of hand shears... but much faster! For cutting of all types of material, single and multiple plies up to 5/16" (8mm)


The Chickadee s the smallest rotary shear available and is the perfect upgrade to, or replacement for, hand held shears. Powered by Eastman's Perma-Field motor, the Chickadee has 40% more power than any other hand held knife its size. Its streamlined, lightweight construction helps eliminate operator fatigue.




The AS-100 has a high-torque motor and a carbide tipped counter knife with scissor-like action that prevents sheer or difficult to cut fabric from slipping. Easily cut curves on lightweight slippery material, even multiple ply, without distortion.


Round Knife

Excellent for cutting heavy materials on sweeping curves or in straight lines, round knife cutters come in many different sizes to give you exactly the right amount of power you need to get the job done.




Straight Knife

Great for cutting patterns with tight curves or long smooth lines, straight knife cutting machines are very reliable and able to cut a variety of different materials.




Give us a call or an email and get started with the right cutter today!

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